Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 1927 to Aug 2017

90 years ago on June 16 1927 a cute young couple entered into marriage and started on their honeymoon.
James Gillespie and Henrietta Hartman traveled the country seeing all of the sights and visiting with ministry classmates.

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This is about today Aug 19  2017:
Ginger and I took a trip to Colorado Springs to climb Pikes Peak, and while we were in Colorado Springs, met with Randy Rogers who manages the Pikes Peak website. He was very interested in Grandma, and Grandpa's trip and scrapbook, so we brought it along for him and his wife to see.

Henrietta Gillespie at the summit house


We were encouraged by Randy to follow grandma and grandpa's journey to Estes Park and over the rocky mountains, it was a longer trip than we had planned, but was well worth the time and distance.
The Old Fall River road is still there, unpaved one lane and one way. The same road that they traveled in 1927.
Warning lots of pictures:
Headed up along Fall River Rd.

Quick look at the road.

Neat water fall, from the melting snow
Chasm Falls


Mike and Ginger

Looking East from Fall River Summit 1927
Looking East 2017


Brenda said...

Love it. What a great journey.

Mikieg said...

it was definitely a fun trip. glad we made the journey through estes park