Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bridge to nowhere

Friday night we took the scouts to the West Clear Creek wilderness. Our plan was to hike down into the canyon to the creek. Mother nature had other plans for us, at 5 a.m. it started to rain on us with flashes of lightning. Around 5:30 we had a bright flash and an immediate crash of thunder, very loud.
7:30 we loaded up the boys, who were ready to go, and headed home.
We found a dinosaur.
After getting home, Ginger had a bridge that she has been wanting to check out that is off the hiway 60 in devils canyon on the way to Miami AZ. Julia was in Tucson and we had time, so we loaded the car and headed out. Great day for a drive and soon we were in the middle of the construction on hi way 60, we found a place to pull off and park, right near the devils canyon sign, and made the short hike to the bridge. There is a lightly travel trail on the old road to get to the bridge, an easy hike.
lots of lizards and rustling in the bushes, fortunately no snakes were sighted.
The old abandoned bridge. Ends at the base of the high way
The bridge is still intact and overgrown. The south end of the bridge ends at the base of the current hi way. There is a creek still under the bridge, it was dry when we were there. After hiking around for a bit, I was getting hungry, must be a Gillespie thing, went some where, now lets eat.
The creek still flows under the bridge.
We left the canyon and continued to Miami for dinner at the Burger House, mainly Mexican food. We were recommended to have the green chili plate, and it was good.

We then headed back home and soon had a low tire warning on the dash. Changed the tire, and not sure about the pressure in the spare headed back to Miami to air it up. by 5:30 on a Saturday all tire shops are closed and air pumps are scarce. We wound up all the way back into Globe and got a tire plug kit and O'reillys and headed next door to the Chevron/ Wendys and plugged the original tire and aired up the spare, changed the tires back and came home. I just didn't trust the donut tire to go that far.

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