Sunday, November 9, 2014

SEMA 2014

Lamborghini for Emilee
 We were excited to go to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, it is a show with lots of custom parts and accessories. as well as custom cars and celebrities.
Granite Mountain memorial truck

Farm Truck from the cable show Street Outlaws

A-Team van

Desert truck you can drive
 Ran across this truck with all the desert trucks. For a few hundred bucks you can go to Colorado and get a ride in this truck on a 2 mile desert loop. Or you can spend a couple thousand for a half day training and drive it yourself.
Desert racers

The strip. 
We had a good trip, although there were several minor incidents, starting with the plane, it had plumbing problems before we took off, after an hour delay. Our hotel room had plumbing problems as well. Paul and Adam had some plumbing issues themselves during the week.
But with the issues there we still had fun, Went to the 4 Queens on Fremont Street and saw Mike Hammer's comedy magic show with our friends Randy and Lori. the company was great and the show was really good too. The SEMA show is huge, and takes a couple days to see, and even with that we didn't see all of it. Thanks to my boss for taking the shop to the show it was a neat experience.

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Emilee said...

A Lamborghini just for me??? I'm so happy!