Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gordons Creek

Made a trip up the hill past Payson to spend the afternoon with Dusty and Rachael, and friends.
They were camped near Gordons creek.

Not a lot of water, but still sounded nice running over the rocks.
Julia on the zip line
Dusty set up a zip line over the creek, with some adjustment you could go a little faster, but made it harder to dodge the tree at the end.
Don't get your feet wet
A few wild, but friendly horses. Bring carrots.

Not a lot of water, and the hole is about 6 feet deep.

Dusty left with the dogs, and left me with the ladies! Don't forget Gracie in the back on the rock

Aunts on a log and Summer too

Going back the hard way
Somewhere in here is a flake of gold!

Don't tease the crawdads.

Synchronized dog running. Ruby (white) and Addie had a blast playing tag. 

It had to happen, shoes off, enough of that, going barefoot in the woods.

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Brenda said...

Aunts on a log. LOL. Looks like a fun time!